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Better Tomorrow

Do not begrudge a rainy day
Tis another blessing sent your way
We know that things will soon be fine
For then comes rainbows and sunshine

Into each life some rain must fall
It happens to us one and all
But soon clouds seem to fade away
It is the Lord that makes it that way

We all may have burdens that we must bear
But they become lighter with every prayer
We were not meant to face life alone
God stll lives. He is still on His throne

We all have times of trouble and sorrow
We don't have to carry then into tomorrow
Just look up to Heaven and fervently pray
And you will find that tomorrow  a better day

Jack Young   ~

(C)7/26/03  Used with permission
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Font used is Pretty Lady."When The Angel Is Near" 
 Bruce DeBoar 






28 April 2002.

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