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 For You. For Me

They placed a crown upon his head
Of cruel thorns our Saviour bled
For you. For me

 They thrust a spear into His side
Forgive them Father our Saviour cried
For you. For me
 They drove nails into His hands and feet
Still His love did not retreat
For you. For me

 He was sent by His Father to pay a price
To shed precious blood as a sacrifice
For you. For me
 My Sealed in a tomb on a slab He lay
But His Father rolled the stone away
For you. For me
 He has returned to His rightful place
But left behind His saving Grace
For you. For me
 He awaits us in His home above
But still we have His worndrous love
For you. For me
 Let us never ever forget
For us He died to pay sin's debt
For you. For me.

Jack Young(C)2/22/03
Used with authors permission






Artist of Works Unknown.