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He Is there

When times are at their darkest
He is there
If troubled don't forget
He answers prayer
If weak and heavy laden
He is there
If you seek Him you can find him
If everyones else has failed you
He is there
Just go on and place your burdens
In His care
If today you need to seek Him
He is there
He's a loving God  and He is 
There one thing you can be sure of
He does care
He is the rock that you can lean on
He is there

God is good

I wrote this for Mr. Henderson's wife and his friends
who are heavely burdened at this time.

 Jack Young
(C)8/15/03  Used with author's permission
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24 June 2003.

The painting used to create this set is called 
"Minerva's Melody" by Josephine Wall.  Used with permission.

Floater java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

© Lil Kitty, 2001-2003.