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I Prayed For You

I prayed for you this morning
I hope you didn't mind
I thanked the Lord that you're my friend
Always so helpful and kind

I asked the Lord to bless you
In a very special way
And that you will feel His presence
With you throughout the day

I asked Him to watch over you
In every thing you do
I asked Him to assign a Guardian Angel
Especially  just for you

I asked Him for some sunshine
To brighten up your life
I asked that you be happy
And completly free from strife

I hope that you won't mind it
That I remembered you in prayer
I did it because I love you
My friend, I really do care

If today you say a prayer
And I sure hope you do
I won't mind at all if you mention
My name a time or two

We are all in this together
Right to the very end
Let us all pray for each other
And thank God that we are friends

Jack Young(C)10/17/02
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