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Miracle Cures

If you see someone down and feeling blue
It's a miricle just what a hug can do
They will lift the spirit and for sure
Might be all that is needed for a cure

If that doesn't work then try a smile
That is something that never goes out of style
That will work for both of you for sure
Most times that's all thats needed for a cure

You mght also want to throw in a kiss
That is something that will seldom miss
The recipient will feel better that's for sure
That's another wonderful way  to affect a cure

But you really want to be on the ball
And give them the best cure of the all
A big dose will make their life worthwhile
Try combining the hug, the kiss, and the smile

You will find out just what what I am speaking of
If before you start you just stir in some love
That is quite a powerful concoction for sure
Ty mixing  hugs, smiles, kisses and love for a cure

~   Jack Young   ~
(C)7/20/03  Used with permission
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Valerie Tabor-Smith

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