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Missed Opportunities

So many times we miss the chance
To do a worthwhile deed
An occasion to somehow enhance
Or maybe fulfill a need

So many opportunities pass by
As we hurry on our way
We do not hear somebody cry
I'm lost please show me the way

So deep or we in our own stand
We notice not a need
A chance to lend a helping hand
Instead we just proceed

A chance to help mend a broken heart
A chance to minister to
To dry a teardrop if one should start
A chance to hope renew

Let each of us decide that we
Will not overlook another's need
And not miss one opportunity
To help someone succeed

If we see someone who is not aware
Of the teachings of God's Word
Let us take time with them to say a prayer
And tell them about our Lord

God bless all. I love you but God loves you more.

Author: (c)  Jack Young
Used with permission
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"Music" Come Holy Spirit I need You"
Used with permission from  Soul Keeper Music