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Now Or Maybe Never

If there is something you know that needs doing
Go on and do it. Don't wait
Go on and get a move on. Don't procrastinate
iI you forget it you may live to regret it.. Don't hesitate
Or you may find to your sorrow. There is no tomorrow
So tomorrow could  just be too late

If you see love is needed then give it
If someone does you wrong then forgive it
You have a limited span to do what you can
God gave you a life. Go on live it
You have limited time so get with it

If there's good to be done the hop to it
Don't let anything stop you. Just do it
If a friendship you've lost  then renew it
You are not alone. God is still on His throne
Face life and He'll help see get  through it

God bless all. I love you,

(c)Jack Young 
6-1-02  Used with permission
Read more of Jack's poetry  Here

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Performed by 
This beautiful midi entitled "Dancing Raindrops", is an original composition and performance by Mary Hession.  It retains her sole ©copyright and is used with her full permission.  Visit her wonderful site
 Mary Hession