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One Moment

If you have a moment to spare today
Grab it. Don't let it just pass away
For once it is over it is forever gone
In a moment there is so much that can be done

You might try smiling it doesn't take much
Or reach out reassure someone with your touch
Or spend this quiet moment with someone you love
Or better yet say a prayer to the Lord up above

Life is too precious to just fritter away 
We all are given the same moments of the day
To let them just pass by there is no excuse
So grab them, enjoy them and put them to use

In just a moment many victories are won
In a moment great deeds have always been done
So don't let one moment of your life just pass by
Or you might find yourself left wondering why

God loves you and I do too.

 Jack Young 
c)6/27/02  Used with permission
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11 July 2003.
Artwork by ©Jody Bergsma . Used with Permission
All Graphics © Sysster Designs