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Retirement Is For the Birds

Don't speak to me with sad regret
Cause I ain't ready for the pasture yet
Just revving for something new
I still got lots of things to do

Don't have no pity in your head
I may be a little ancient but I ain't dead
Got lots of dreams that filled yet
And lots of memories to get

Got lots of songs that I ain't sung
Still reaching for the topmost rung
Got lots of words that ain't been said
And lots of books that ain't been read

Most times I'm up I'm sometimes down
So Lord please hold my robe and crown
Still got lots of things I ain't done
And lot's of victories  I ain't won

This a version of one I wrote when I retired as Business Manager of our
local NBC station in 1997. I stayed retired for all of one month and was
bored out of my gourd. I am now Business Manager of the strongest radio
station  here in Huntsville. Look us up and give a listen to

God bless all. 

 Jack Young
(c) Used with permission
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