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The Healing 

Today my Lord has given me
Another day on earth to be
I walk and talk and live you see
Only because He cares for me

I know not what the future holds
I only know His love enfolds
And tis from Him this time I borrow
Yesterday, today and perhaps tomorrow

While facing the reality of death
I prayed to Him under my breath
Dear Lord, if this is it for me
Please take me home to be with Thee

When I awoke the pain was gone
I knew that I had not slept  alone
He had been there to take control
And I felt peace down in my soul

Dear Lord, if it be Thy will
That I might tarry down here still
I will do the best that I can do
And leave the rest Lord up to you

Thank you Lord for being there
To hear and answer every prayer
Said by those who care for me so
I love them Lord. Please let them know

Written one week after having suffered a heart attack and 
one day after leaving the hospital.

God is good

Jack Young   ~
(C)7-7-03  Used with permission
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