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Are you burdened  with heartaches and sorrow
Are you faced with worries and cares
Do you dread to face each new tomorrow
Try talking to THE MAN upstairs

He has a way to relieve all you troubles
And He will do so for you see he cares
You will find that your contentment doubles
If you will just talk THE MAN upstairs

He will never ignore or forsake you
He will hear and honor your prayers
Don't let troubles and strife overtake you
Turn them over to THE MAN upstairs

THE MAN UPSTAIRS is a  wonderful friend
Who specilizes in relieving your cares
He will be with you right up to the end
This wonderful, loving,uplifting MAN UPSTAIRS

I hope everyone knows Who I am talking about. God bless you(
That should give you a clue)

~ Jack Young(c) ~
11/1/02 ~ Used with permission
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Music "In The Garden"
Used with Permission  Bruce DeBoar