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The New Day

Round and round the world  keeps on going
When it will stop there is no way of knowing
So we must do the very best we can do
To use the time wisely God's given me and you

Some seem to linger somewhere in the past
Asking themselves why did it not last
Some try to live somewhere in tomorrow
But time is something that we can not borrow

God has given us this brand new day
We choose to use it wisely or let it slip away
With nothing accomplished . No fulfilled need
Not as a beautiful rose are we. We are but a weed

We should thank God for giving us a new day
For the chance to make a difference in what we do or say
To do something meaningful and make the world a better  place
This day has been given by His love and His Grace

Jack Young(C)
9/25/02 Used with authors permission



Performed by 
Bruce DeBoer
An original composition entitled By The Sea, which retains his sole ©copyright.

©April 12, 2003