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This Day

Make this day a special day
Spread some sunshine along the way
You will find life more worthwhile
If you share with everyone a smile

Take time to pause and visit a spell
And tell some someone you wish them well
You will find that you are in for a surprise
When you see your smile reflected in their eyes

If you see soneone who seems to be feeling low
You can really do something about it you know
Just tell them how much God and you love them
Then hold their hand and tell them about Him

If someone's burden seems to heavy for them to bear
And you want to show them how much you care
Offer your shoulders and heart to share their load
Another good seed that you can consider sowed

With so much love and compassion we all have been blessed
Why would you want to keep it hidden and suppressed?
Share these blessing every day and you will see
That life is as good as God meant it to be

God bless all. Love you.

 Jack Young 
(c) 6/18/02  Used with permission
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